Suddenly Sixteen

Dear J, On the eve of your sixteenth birthday, I imagine that you are feeling what so many soon-to-be sixteen-year old kids feel: an excitement of upcoming freedom. I was thinking about what turning sixteen meant for me, and while it is different, I’m sure,… Read More

Your good intentions

During our morning routine yesterday, my children noticed that their favorite breakfast and lunch items were not in the pantry. I asked them to write what they wanted on the grocery list and give it to their dad because he works right next to a… Read More

Mahomet Halloween Guide

  School’s Out: Old Timey Halloween, October 21, Museum of the Grand Prairie Don’t be spooked! We love to trick or treat every Halloween, but do you know where that tradition started? Visitors to the Museum of the Grand Prairie will be make their own… Read More

Goodbye 10-year old Davin

Buddy, I forgot to say goodbye to 10-year old Davin before you went to bed last night. It’s always amazing how much you change in a year’s time. I will never see 4-year old or 6-year old or 9-year old Davin again. But I said… Read More

You’ve been clowned

Yesterday was weird, guys. It was about 6:30 p.m. before I had all of my kids together (that’s the normal part). As I pulled out the driveway, I told them that I wanted to talk to them about these crazy clowns that are rumored to… Read More

Here I Am: 37.

J, Bean and Buddy, Today I turn 37. Thirty-seven. It’s hard for me to wrap my thoughts around that reality. Maybe if I say 37 all day, it’ll sink in. When I was your age, 37 wasn’t even a blimp on my radar. Thirty-seven was… Read More