Smith and Yeager’s dream comes true

A trip to New York was beyond their wildest dreams.

Allison Yeager and Tisha Smith, stylists at Mahomet’s Oak Street Salon, recently participated in New York Fashion Week.

“I’d say this was our dream in life,” Smith said. “To go do hair for New York Fashion Week or even see Fashion Week; to be there with the designer and models.”

Yeager and Smith were part of an Aveda team which replicated the stylists’ visions for models before they hit the runway.

“We didn’t really know what we were getting into until we arrived at the show,” Yeager said. “We would learn what we needed to from the Aveda styling team. He would demonstrate the look, and then we would go implement exactly what he showed us, using the specific products, technique, parting, placement and tools.”

“The styling needs to compliment the designer and their clothing, and not compete or take away,” Smith said.

The duo styled together for five shows during a six-day period.

During that time, in a fast-paced environment, they also dealt with working with photographers, videographers and paparazzi in their workspace.

“It’s unlike anything,” Smith said.

Their training for the event came earlier in August when they took a two-day intensive course in Manhattan.

“Some of the techniques that we learned we had not done before,” Yeager said.

Smith said that while the styles are not something that they would use in the salon, she is always up for trying new and adventurous things, and may use some of the techniques in updos or formal or bridal styling.

The two women are natives of New Jersey. This wasn’t the first time Yeager and Smith had visited New York City. But they did enjoy seeing some new places together.

The studios were next to SoHo, so they were able to visit boutiques and shops along the way. They spent time in Central Park, ate at a famous French restaurant, saw an old railway system that had been turned into an urban oasis and visited Chelsea Market. There on Sept. 11, they also visited the 9-11 Memorial.

“You have three hours from your call time to show time,” Yeager said. “Your adrenaline is going that whole time, and once you’re done, you feel like you put in a whole day’s work. You’re exhausted. So that we did all that is amazing.”

There was no rest for the weary when the women returned home. A full work schedule greeted them, including wives of farmers with children, and the duo is still looking for some downtime.

“It’s the most memorable thing I’ve ever done,” Smith said. “I’m so happy that I had the opportunity. I appreciate my husband being supportive. The kids were a week without me.”

Yeager and Smith said they may return to New York Fashion Week in the future. Due to their training, they also have the opportunity to go to London Fashion Week or to take advanced styling courses.

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