Cornbelt Open House October 11

During Fire Safety Week, and throughout the month of October, volunteers at the Cornbelt Fire Department want to educate all ages of the Mahomet community on fire safety and prevention.

Through an annual open house event, the Mahomet community is invited to tour the station, view fire trucks, take a firetruck ride and tour the fire safety house from 6 to 8 p.m. on October 11.

The open house will also include complimentary hot dogs, drinks and balloons. Sparky the Fire Dog will also be on hand to greet children and for picture opportunities.

The fire safety house, which the Cornbelt Fire Department obtained in 2013, is used throughout the year to educate youth on how to escape a home when the fire alarm sounds. While adults will try to escape a fire when an alarm goes off, children are frightened and will often hide.

The fire safety house includes a kitchen and child’s bedroom. Through switches, children can interact with a bedroom where the doorknob will get hot and simulated smoke will creep under the door. Children can practice escaping the house by stuffing a towel under the doorway and climbing out the window.

The fire safety house also gives parents a chance to interact with fire and weather in the kitchen.

In the interactive kitchen, residents can learn how to use a simulated fire extinguisher. The stove and toaster also have problem-solving settings.

Through a computer system, visitors can also practice a 911 call.

The Cornbelt Fire Department hopes children will take their knowledge home to talk to or set up a plan with their parents.

The department also invites constituents to tour recent renovations to the station. New this year, an extrication demonstration will be held at 7 p.m.



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