McDonald’s Grand Reopening Week: Honors MAYC on Wednesday


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (from Mahomet), there was a catchy jingle that caught the attention of television viewers.

“You deserve a break today.”

The words were simple enough and the product of a McDonald’s media blitz that covered the country.

One website lists it as one of the corporations’ five best slogans of all time.

In Mahomet, it was less meaningful.

A village of 1,300 when the popular jingle hit the airwaves in 1971 did not have a McDonald’s.

Times change.

Slogans change.

Communities grow.

Businesses relocate.

Mahomet has now had a McDonald’s for nearly two decades. The Mahomet store opened in 2000.

Located on Purnell Road, the facility has been undergoing a summer facelift.

This is the week of the Grand Reopening and a particular phrase seems appropriate for the Mahomet Area Youth Club.

“You deserve a break today.”

MAYC, a fixture for the community’s youth for more than two decades, was designated as the charity of choice for Wednesday, Oct. 3.

Between 5-8 p.m., the McDonald’s location on Purnell Road will donate 15 percent of its profits to MAYC.

According to McDonald’s co-owner, Mikel Petro, it was a natural fit.

“Our family has owned and operated McDonald’s in central Illinois since 1989,” Petro said. “We believe in supporting and partnering with organizations that are family focused.

“In years past and currently, we have partnered with many organizations throughout the communities we serve that are focused on supporting building good foundations for children and their families. We see the difference that MAYC makes in Mahomet and felt it was a good fit and time to highlight the great resource they are, and raise funds for their program.”

MAYC executive director Chad Hoffman is appreciative.

“They have always been a donor and supporter,” Hoffman said. “It seemed like a good fit in terms of potential.

“It’s always great when businesses reach out to us and support what we do in the community.”

Hoffman, and others from MAYC, will man the counter for three hours on Wednesday.

“I look forward to it,” Hoffman said. “I haven’t worked in fast food since I was in high school 25 years ago.”

The upgrades at the Mahomet McDonald’s was part of a $1.2-million dollar project.

“This is the first full renovation (in Mahomet),” Petro said. “It’s a fully modernized and energy efficient building with a 15-foot addition and 800 square feet, adding 26 seats, some kids play elements, brand new restrooms, and resurfaced lot.”

The work helps make it a state of the art store.

“This is now considered an ‘Experience of the Future’ restaurant,” Petro said. “Our customers can now choose the customized service experience they desire, including multiple order points; traditional front counter or drive-thru, mobile ordering with curbside delivery or pickup inside or drive-thru, kiosk ordering, and table service with locator system.

“We will have digital menu boards inside and out, and newly landscaped property.”

The last previous work at the Mahomet McDonald’s was in 2007 when “the side-by-side drive-thru was added,” said Petro, who considered it an easy decision to rework the Mahomet McDonald’s.

“Mahomet is a fantastic community that we are proud to be a part of and serve,” he said.

Hoffman is pleased that MAYC will benefit from the Grand Reopening promotions, but there is one detail for him to finalize.

“I’ll have to find out my dress code,” Hoffman said.


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