M-S Board extends Superintendent’s contract

The Mahomet-Seymour School board voted unanimously Monday to extend Superintendent Lindsey Hall’s contract for five years.

Beginning July 1, 2018, Hall’s salary increased from $187,960 to $193,223. Scheduled raises over the following four years include $198,633, $204,195, $209,912 and $215,790 the final year of her contract in 2023.

On November 7, 2016, Hall entered into a five-year contractual agreement with the Mahomet-Seymour School Board. M-S Board President Max McComb said a new contract was written with a few “housekeeping” changes and another year tacked onto the agreement.

“It was the desire of the board to go ahead and extend the contract to a five-year deal,” McComb said at Monday night’s meeting.

The “housekeeping” changes included the board stating the salary amount per subsequent year, changes of dates and defining the contract as a performance-based contract in which the Superintendent “has met the goals and indicators of student performance and academic achievement, as stated in the original, predecessor contract.”

The contract states also that the Superintendent’s goal and objectives are set at the end of October of the subsequent year of the date of the contract. At this time, Hall’s goals and objectives have not been set by the Board of Education.

McComb commented, “I think as I look back over the first year together, we worked on a lot of things that we knew we’d work on and we worked on some things that we didn’t think would come. But it’s been a huge year, there’s been a lot going on.

“Just the fact that we made it through in fine style and managed to keep our sanity with everything that’s been going on.

“And I just want to say on behalf of the board that we appreciate your leadership over the last year. We’re looking forward to the next five.

“It was pretty clear when we did interviews almost two years ago now, where we felt we needed to go, and what we felt we needed to do, and in this last year has been solidified with us that it’s been the right decision to make.”

In June, the board approved the rest of the administrative contracts for the district.

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