Brogan’s Corner: Being near mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special occasion my mother longs for and loves. During this time, lots of affection and heart is shown.

All day we are together, and I feel that is the whole point. It doesn’t matter what we do if we are with each other. Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the wonderful women in your life.

Sometimes Mother’s Day is a little more relaxed for my family, and there is nothing wrong with that. But in my mind, my Mom should get a celebration for many reasons.

Mother’s Day is one of the only times that my mom gets a break. In my mind, there should be more occasions like Mother’s Day.

As much as I dislike it, I easily find myself taking my Mom for granted. Most days I don’t pay attention to my mom getting me up, packing my lunch, and getting me out the door on time. My mom always lets me get new clothes when I want them. She cooks what my family wants. She makes time to have fun and go golfing with the rest of my family.

I feel glad that my mother cares about me to the extent of making me happy all the time. Because of this, I feel my mom’s special day should be everything she expects.

There are lots of things I do for my mother on her day. Usually, we do breakfast in bed, which is prepared with the help of my dad. One of our favorite activities is to watch movies together. We often go to the theatre. Lastly, we go out to dinner often.

In my eyes, gifts can be important. I usually give my mom a card, and maybe create something for her. I always try to make my gifts, as I feel they have more value. She can always keep my card on the fridge, but store-bought items usually don’t keep sentimental value long.

One exception of my store-bought guideline is food. Chocolate especially. My mother loves treating herself to salty turtle caramels. Food can be a good and appreciated last-minute gift.  

I also know that she is happy no matter what happens on her special day. I know that it means a lot to her to want to be near her.

In my mind, Mother’s Day isn’t about chocolate and fancy dinners, though they are great. It is about love and being there for the mom in your life. I feel that people should give back to their mothers, especially on their special day. I love you, mom!

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