Cramer Custom Homes opens showroom in downtown Mahomet

The homebuilding process just became a little easier with Cramer Custom Homes.

Owner Jeff Cramer, who has been building custom homes in the Mahomet area for 15 years, opened a downtown Mahomet showroom at the beginning of March.

“We’ve needed to get a showroom for a while, but it’s a big expense,” he said. “But it’s going to be worth it because the goal is to enhance the buying experience for our customers.”

In the past, Cramer, like other home builders, sent clients to various locations to pick finishes such as flooring, countertops, stone or cabinetry. Now, with the showroom, Cramer will be able to bring clients in to view a selection of finishes, cutting down on their travel.

“We’re wanting to make the whole experience a little easier,” he said. “I think some people don’t build because it can seem a little overwhelming.

“Hopefully, we will get (the client) 80 to 90 percent (of what they are looking for), and they won’t have to run around. That’s the goal.”

Cramer said he won’t have all options available for a client, but the showroom will include about 20 flooring samples, cabinetry samples, a mock kitchen and a mock fireplace.

“We will have the bulk of trendy or more popular choices,” he said.

Cramer hopes the showroom will show clients that his business is committed to building quality custom homes in Mahomet, but also in investing into the Mahomet community.

“We are firmly planted and committed to this area,” he said. “As the housing market has picked up, we’re getting an influx of out of town builders here. We want to put a face downtown. It’s kind of nice to have a storefront to say here we are, we’re here, and we’re not going anywhere.”

At this time, Cramer Custom Homes Showroom will be open by appointment only.

Cramer hopes that as people frequent downtown, they will look in the window to see the latest housing trends. As interest grows, Cramer said he will staff the showroom to have someone there all the time.

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