Brogan’s Corner: Springtime in My Eyes

Springtime can hold lots of joyous occasions and memorable moments for kids like me. This time  of the year is where my classmates and I count down the days until our break.

Many things can happen if you are willing to put down the phone and find them. Spring break is about the exercise, relaxation, and the idea that there is more of this yet to come.

I enjoy the break that happens in the middle of March because it provides a small escape from routine. It feels nice to read my far too many books on my shelf upstairs, or maybe play with one of my numerous footballs. What I do catch myself doing, is binge-watching TV, or playing a game on my phone. The way I see it is, Spring is meant for playing outside and being social. I could come home after school and watch T.V. anytime.

Another wonderful thing about break, in my opinion, is the activities that can be done. I can have the option to play board games or go outside and run around. To me, eating popsicles and wearing shorts for the first time provides a certain level of satisfaction. I love going outside and playing basketball, jumping on my neighbors’ trampoline, and riding my bike through Lake of The Woods. I am going to try to keep my phone inside as much as possible, as I feel it is always a distraction to me.

In my opinion, spring break is wonderful because you know that the cold is over for the most part. I love the feeling of not having to wear my large puffy jacket every time I step outside. Being more active and exercising is lots of fun, and it doesn’t get boring after 2 hours like playing video games does. To me, the lack of boredom is also a bonus for getting outside.  Summer is just right around the corner, so your in for the long haul. Even at school, running around the track and playing in the grass is memorable, and that will happen more and more.

Spring break is a jittery time that can be full of new adventures if you spend your time wisely. This might not be a crazy time to some people, and that is fine. But if you are a person like me, trying to persistently find something new, then I can assure you that spring break is a super exciting and amusing experience to anybody.  

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