Porter to be reassigned to teaching position

The Mahomet-Seymour School Board voted 6-0 to reassign or demote Lincoln Trail Assistant Principal Courtney Porter to a teaching position Monday night.

Voting board members include Max McComb, Cheryl Melchi, Lance Raver, Lori Larson, Merly Giles and Nezar Kassem. Board member Jenny Park abstained from voting.

Porter has been Assistant Principal at Lincoln Trail for 10 years.

The board, which read a resolution statement, provided no details or discussion for their decision.

According to Illinois Statutes Chapter 105, Porter “should receive a written notice of reassignment prior to April 1. Within 10 days, the school board shall provide the principal or assistant principal with a written statement of the facts regarding reclassification.”

“At that time, (Porter) may ask for a private hearing with the board to discuss the reasons for the reclassification.

“If (she) is not satisfied with the results of the private hearing, Porter may request and receive a public hearing on the reclassification.

“If the board decides to proceed with the reclassification, it shall give the principal or assistant principal written notice of its decision within 15 days of the private hearing or within 15 days of the public hearing held under this Section whichever is later. The decision of the board thereupon becomes final.”


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