Mahomet-Seymour Chess team places 67th at IHSA State Competition

The Mahomet-Seymour High School Chess team competed in the IHSA State Chess meet Friday and Saturday, finishing with a record of 3-4, at 67th place.

The Bulldogs went into the seven rounds of competitions as the 90th seed.

Although the IHSA does not break schools into enrollment divisions, Chess Sponsor Eric Potter said that if they did, Mahomet-Seymour would have placed 7th in the 2A division.

Individual records (win-loss-draw) are below:

Nick Morrow: 2-3-2 (66th player overall at 1st board)
Bryan Retallick: 2-3-2 (77th player overall at 2nd board)
Steven Underwood: 3-4-0 (76th player overall  at 3rd board)
Logan Weiss: 2-5-0 (99th player overall at 4th board)
Brandon Bussman: 4-3-0 (49th player overall at 5th board)
Tony Huang: 1-3-1 (109th player overall  at 6th board)
Spencer Becker: 3-2-2 (34th player overall  at 7th board)
Nate Elliott: 4-0-0 (41st player overall  at 8th board)
Sam Knight: 1-1-0 (126th player overall at 6th board)
Dalen Elliott: 1-2-0 (136th player overall at 8th board)
Aidan Trevillian: did not play


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