A Thank You Letter From John Scott

John Scott and his wife, Mary, run the soup kitchen at Candlewood. He shared this letter with the Mahomet Daily after a group of Mahomet residents dropped off presents to fill an immediate Christmas need. The Community Evangelical Free Church dropped off presents for a 5-year old and 1-year old boy, and many others donated presents for the boys and their mother. We were also able to give her about $400 in gift cards to buy food, gas or to take the boys out to do something fun. 

With the donations, we were also able to fill the need for a teenage boy, for a family with little girls and for another single mother with a 10-year old boy.

John Scott took me on a tour of their operation at Candlewood. Donations of bread, milk, canned food, and clothing can be used by residents throughout the year. Donations can be dropped off at the Candlewood office or at the clubhouse.

Mahomet Residents:

This past couple of weeks have not only been a little hectic, but somewhat overwhelming in a good way! I did not expect any of the goodness!

Not wanting to expand on my reply, I would like to thank everyone for their love and efforts to answer a prayer.

I would like to thank the Mahomet Parents Network, the Mahomet-Seymour Junior High Students (especially for the young man and his uncle for delivering all the heavy can goods which we desperately needed.)

Thanks to the lady for the ham and Trisha for the turkey and being willing to volunteer.

What made this so overwhelming was Fred Kroner and Dani putting the need out to all of you. And thank you to Pastor Jason Schifo and his congregation for their help in supplying gifts for the one and five year old. And thank you to the long list of people who gave to this family: the Tee family, the Allison family, the Keefe family, the Risley family, the Kassem family, the LaCour family, the Randolph family, Sunset Christmas Tree Farms and many, many more that I do not know about.

All of you, and I mean ALL OF YOU, helped some families in need have a great Christmas with food and presents. Also, to all of you who were not able to help, but helped others in your own way. In all of this, the good Lord has shown me, helping people in need is where he wants me at.

God Bless All of You! Merry Christmas!

John Scott

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