Change orders bring savings to district

Superintendent Lindsay Hall announced a savings of $61,531 due to change orders on the Middletown Prairie addition Monday.

The board approved change orders to an electrical issue, not installing a temporary wall, not removing a fire hydrant and repurposing pre-fabricated metal canopies instead of purchasing new ones.

The district will also be adding additional fixtures (stalls) to the bathrooms to accommodate first and second-grade students.

In Monday’s meeting, McComb addressed the bathroom concerns at Middletown saying he appreciates staff “going back to rearrange some things with minimal movement of walls so we can increase the size of the footprint.”

“That was the right thing to do,” he said. “We needed to do that.”

Hall said the project is being monitored closely by Project Manager Rick Johnston.

She said, “that is the value of hiring a project manager. This is a direct result of Rick’s work. So we need to give credit where credit is due.”

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