Killer Bee Honey to perform at Lake of the Woods Summer Concert Series

The Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve welcomes the crowd pleasing Killer Bee Honey (KBH) for the Summer Concert Series on Mabery Gardens on August 13 from 5 to 7 p.m.

The five-member band formed when Mahomet graduate Bryce Johnson saw a video of Jim Means perform original songs on Facebook. In what began as a friendly “jam” session, Lon Ray Cathy Means, Aaron Burnett, Josh Dodson and Bryce Johnson were added to the group.

“We all knew each other before the band, but since forming the band we have become great friends,” Johnson said.

With an array of talents and backgrounds, each band member brings a different style and approach to the music KBH performs. KBH covers songs a variety of songs from country singer Robert Earl Keen, to rapper Snoop Dog to indie-folk pop group Of Monster’s and Men.

We sort of came at it just trying to make music that we like and find interesting,” Johnson said. “It’s one of the things I find most enjoyable about this band. Our “sound” is mostly about smiling while we play.”

The group also collaboratively writes original songs such as “Good Times” and “Lonesome Town.” Johnson said each song takes a different path through the writing process. While some members focus on the way a song sounds, other members focus on the chords.

“In the midst of this chaotic struggle, sometimes awesomeness happens,” Johnson said. “We all kinda write our own parts. One of us will bring an idea to the band, and then everyone puts a touch on it and Viola! a KBH song is born.”


“We are all family people here so we just wanna play great music and have a great time doing it,” Johnson said.

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