The Vineyard Church Mahomet Moves Worship Services To Urbana, Continues To Serve Locally

Urbana, Illinois –– August 9, 2017 ­­–– The Vineyard Church Mahomet will begin meeting for weekend worship services in Urbana beginning August 19th and 20th while continuing to serve the local Mahomet community.

Beginning the third weekend of August, the Vineyard community will no longer meet in Mahomet for their weekend services. The church had been meeting in the Sangamon Valley Community Church. They will hold their final weekend worship service on August 13th at 4pm before beginning to meet at The Vineyard Church in Urbana the following weekend. The Vineyard community in Mahomet will continue to provide small-groups, mentor groups, youth groups, and community nights in Mahomet.  “Moving our weekend worship experience to Urbana will allow us to continue to love and serve Mahomet. We will continue to focus on investing in people and not buildings,” says Leah Wenger, Community Life Pastor at The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois, who has lead the Mahomet church for the past four years.

The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois was founded in Urbana and grew to include additional locations, or “sites” throughout its forty-year history. The Mahomet location will become a new model for how the church operates in the area, which the Vineyard calls a “hub”. The church believes that hubs will be a great way to increase the number of people that they can serve in communities throughout Central Illinois without the need to obtain costly buildings for each location. Happy Leman, Co-Senior Pastor of the church explains, “We are really excited for our Mahomet hub community. We believe that God is showing us a powerful new way in which we can continue to change the world with Jesus.”

Wenger is excited for the goal of this new type of church: “From the beginning, we have helped empower people to get outside of the church building and instead be the church right where they are at.” The Mahomet hub will continue to participate in local events, partner with area schools and churches to help meet local needs, and provide opportunities for the community to meet, connect, and worship.

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