Moseley performs on CU music scene throughout summer

Jada Moseley is a 16-year old girl with a ukulele.

But when she begins to sing with her soft, subtle voice, people listen.

Mosely, who spent time in the Central Illinois Children’s Chorus and is currently part of the Mahomet-Seymour Chorus, was asked to be on WCIA’s Friday Morning Jam by local musician and producer Tom Grassman earlier this summer.

Within 24 hours, Jada booked four shows.

Covering songs like “Creep” by Radiohead, “Summer Wine” by Nancy Sinatra and “Riptide” by Vance Joy, Moseley has grown from a one-girl show to a four-man band called “Royal Vibes.”

Performing at venues like Iron Post, Clark Bar and Baxter’s Grill, the Royal Vibes have filled the time during intermission for some of CU’s favorite local bands. The band is also scheduled to open for Chickadee Sermon on August 8 at the Iron Post.

A few weeks ago, the Royal Vibes took on their first headlining gig at Hammerhead. They also performed at Champaign’s Friday Night Live on July 14.

Jada said while she enjoys learning more about music at school from Nicole Kuglich and Jill Rinkle, it is the reaction that she gets from the crowd that makes her want to keep going.

“That makes me have a warm feeling inside,” she said.

Moseley’s dad, Shane, who is the self-claimed, “roadie, dad-manager and financier,” said, “she grabs a really broad audience with her style.”

Jada wouldn’t let her dad listen to her sing at home prior to being on WCIA. But now that she is gaining confidence from the reaction she gets at her performances, Shane says he loves listening to her practice in her room.”

And practice Jada does. With a growing 17-song set, the band members each get to pick one song to try during practice.

“If it is something that is difficult for me, I will practice non-stop,” she said.

What has surprised Jada is the reaction she’s received from her one original song, “Someone I Knew.”

“I used to fear that people wouldn’t enjoy my original because it’s legit me; it’s not a cover,” she said. “But now I’ve had people to request after shows to do my original again. That made me feel so much better about my writing.”

Even though Jada will cut back from performing a few times a month to a couple times a month as the school year begins, she hopes to be noticed on a larger scale soon.

CU Bands and Fans recorded Moseley’s performance at Friday Night Live and is making a video for Jada to send off to NBC’s hit show “The Voice.”

“It’s something that’s taking off and we don’t know how big it’s going to get,” Shane said.


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