Noh transitions to take over Woodruff’s dental office

As Dr. Valerie Woodruff prepares to retire, Dr. David Noh is learning the ins and outs of Woodruff’s office located at 200 Eastwood Drive.

Noh purchased Woodruff’s office earlier this year, but continues to work part-time with his former employer until the end of March. Woodruff will continue to see patients until April 1 when she will prepare to move back to her roots on the west coast.

As an undergrad, Noh was not sure what profession he wanted to pursue, but after he graduated with a biology and psychology degree he applied to become a dental assistant in his home state, Michigan. Noh then pursued a dental degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Upon graduation four years ago, Noh moved to Central Illinois, taking jobs in Danville, Wateska, Champaign and Decatur.

“I’ve been looking (to purchase a practice) for a while,” he said.

Noh, who has worked in some commercial dental practices, said he did not like feeling rushed while he was with the patient.

“When you look for practices as a dentist, you have things you want. Dr. Val’s office is personal and approachable and you get a lot more time with the patient,” he said.

Noh will build off the services Woodruff offered: such as dental cleanings, screenings, restorative dentistry, and TMJ relief and add root canals and extractions.

“I feel like (dentistry) is an important part of your overall health,” he said. “A lot of (our) patients know that pretty well because Val and our hygienists have been hammering it at them. Your teeth reflect your overall health. I know there are a number of articles out there that connect your oral health to your cardiovascular system.”

Noh hopes, though, that by providing quality routine dental care his patients will not have to feel the pain that comes with advanced dental decay.

Within the next year, after getting married this June, Noh plans to move to Mahomet so that he can be involved in the community the way Dr. Woodruff has been for so many years. He is also looking forward to sending his future children to Mahomet-Seymour Schools and utilizing the hiking trails at the Champaign County Forest Preserves.


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