Invest in Your Future in Celebration of America Saves Week

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Saving money is the key to building a stronger and more secure financial future—whether starting a college fund for a child, saving for retirement or building an emergency fund. The troubling reality is about half of adults save less than 5% of their incomes and nearly 1 in 5 aren’t saving anything at all, according to Bankrate.

In celebration of America Saves Week–coordinated by America Saves and the American Savings Education Council to encourage consumers to save money, reduce spending and build wealth—Busey suggests two steps to saving success:

  1. Create a budget. Track spending by saving receipts or through an online financial management system like FinanceWorks from Busey where you can categorize your spending, determine your income, set realistic financial goals and develop a budget to achieve them.
  2. Save, save, save—and make it automatic. If your paycheck is directly deposited, put part of it into a savings account. If not, link your checking and saving accounts and automate transfers between the two accounts.

BIG CHANGE from Busey—a convenient saving tool—allows you to swipe your card, sit back and watch your savings grow. Every time you use your debit card, the transaction is rounded up to the next nearest dollar and the total amount is transferred to your savings at the end of each day.  

Invest in your financial future by saving your money now. To get started, visit or visit Busey at 312 E. Main Street in Mahomet.

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