Cornbelt Open House October 6

During Fire Safety Week, and throughout the month of October, volunteers at the Cornbelt Fire Department want to educate all ages of the Mahomet community on fire safety and prevention. Through an annual open house event, the Mahomet community is invited to tour the station,… Read More

Inheriting the Farm

Almost anyone can find themselves inheriting farmland—from family members and close friends to charitable organizations and more. According to findings from the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) TOTAL survey, 80 percent of farmland is owned by non-operating landlords and more than half was inherited… Read More

Homecoming Parade Map

  The Mahomet community is invited to celebrate the Mahomet-Seymour Homecoming with a parade on 9.16.2016. The parade will begin at the high school, go south on Division Street, east on Main Street, north of Jefferson and west on State Street. The parade begins at… Read More

7 Ways to Get Smart About Credit

Busey is a sponsor of the Mahomet Daily. The following information is provided as part of that agreement. From paying for college and financing a home to buying gifts for the holidays—every financial goal shapes your credit. However, a survey by the American Bankers Association (ABA) reveals… Read More

DIY Wood Wall Tutorial

I’m not someone who has an idea and waits around for someone else to do it. So, last fall when I wanted to add a little something to my kitchen/dining room area, I came up with an idea and figured out how to do it… Read More