Village officials meet to discuss the need for commercial growth in Mahomet

The Village of Mahomet Board of Trustees met with the Economic Development Commission and the Planning and Zoning Commission Tuesday to discuss growth in the Mahomet community, particularly related to the replacement of the current subdivision ordinance.

The original ordinance was written in 1977, then revised in 1996.

Currently, 7995 residents reside in the Village limits, and Mayor Sean Widener predicted that in the next five years the population will grow to 10,000.

With significant growth both inside and outside Village limits, the Village staff believes it is necessary to rewrite the subdivision ordinance to streamline the process and to cut down on costs to the Village.

Widener said with this, the Village hopes to maintain long term financial strength, to foster proactive economic and community development initiatives and to invest in community enhancements that promote growth and competitive advantage.

Being less than 10 miles from Champaign, Widener also identified Mahomet as a residential community, but noted that the Village needs to come up with ways to diversify the tax base by bringing more businesses to town.

Currently, the Village needs $4.2M for transportation, $4.5M for storm water repairs, $11.7M for water, $12M for a MARC building and $4.2 for wastewater. The Village also has a $12M bond limit, which they have already reached.

When EDC member Andy Sievers asked why the Village was looking to grow, noting that many residents like that this community is residential, Widener said, “that is a dying model. There will be a dynamic at some point where we start declining.”

Sievers pointed out that he personally understands the need for a diverse tax base. EDC member Mark Kesler also said that before other businesses will come to Mahomet, the current Mahomet businesses need to be supported. He noted that vacant lots and vacant parking lots will turn outside businesses away.

Widener and Village Administrator Patrick Brown talked about how important population numbers are to businesses looking for a new site. While the Village contains 7995 residents, the township includes a total of almost 15,000 residents.

Village staff recognized the importance of helping businesses understand the total population of the area, but they also believe the new subdivision ordinance will make the process of establishing a business in the Mahomet area more attractive.

Widener noted local business growth as Flora Design, Paint Like Me, Burgwald Eye Center, Kaffee and Bulldog Automotive Repair have all opened their doors in the community over the last year.

The Village will host two open houses to discuss the new subdivision ordinance with the public on August 20 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. and August 26 from 2:30 to 5 p.m.


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