Making 2014 great…and Chocolate Brownie cookies-take that winter

It’s only five weeks into the New Year, and I’m already feeling like a flustered, over-whelmed mess. Too much to do and not enough time to do it. The overload of snow days isn’t helping either ~ returning from the west coast after 5 weeks of work and 80 degree temperatures? I’m officially depressed.

I decided this morning, the only way to get out from underneath my own state of blue-funk, was to push forward and kick 2014 into high gear. I don’t normally indulge in New Year’s resolutions, but this year I have two goals; to push Sweetie Sweets to the next level and to, once and for all, focus on myself. Not my outer self – it’s already pampered and catered too, but my inner self – the part that always gets ignored and pushed into the “get to it later” pile.

Seems both of my goals go together quite well – because, really, Sweetie Sweets has been twirling around inside of me for years so it’s very likely it’s part of the person I strive to be, and frankly, making my dreams come true, is making my inner child very, very happy.

So, let the games begin! We’re busy building our new website and will be rolling out the wheels of our Sweetie Sweets truck soon, filled with new treats and new adventures that bring us closer to our community.

Giving and paying it forward is the name of the game in 2014, so do your best Mother Nature ~ not even your freezing temperatures and piles of snow will keep us from moving forward, striving to be our best and to give our best.

Watch for our new website soon – we’ll keep you posted so you can follow us on all of our Sweet Adventures….who knows, maybe it will inspire YOUR inner child to make your dreams to come true, too.


This is the easiest, semi-homemade recipe ever and beyond delish!

1 box chocolate cake mix
½ cup vegetable oil
2 large eggs

Mix ingredients together – will be thick. Drop dough by the spoonful (or med cookie scoop) onto cookie sheet – bake at 350 for 8-12 minutes. Cookies will be puffy when they first come out of the oven, but will collapse and crack.

Born in England. Raised in Las Vegas, and after 15 years chasing the acting bug, working in television, and living in the craziness of Los Angeles; calmer thoughts prevailed and Julie Arie followed her husband, Tim, to Central Illinois where she is currently living the dream of baking delicious treats.
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