Eagle Scout helps Lake of the Woods Golf Course maintain island


Scouts from Troop 103 helped Alex Marcusiu work on his Eagle Scout project Monday, as they cleared brush from an island located between holes seven and 12 on the Lake of the Woods Golf Course.

A regular golfer, Marcusiu approached the Champaign County Forest Preserve staff about fulfilling his Eagle Scout requirements at the golf course. The brush removal project was scheduled for this summer.

“I golf all the time, so I wanted to help out the golf course,” he said.

The island, which has a well-established tree on it, was cleared and replanted approximately ten years ago. Over ten years, the overgrown weeds and brush kept wildflowers from growing.

Marcusiu’s crew removed infant trees and weeds. They also planted some potted plants. When the forest preserve staff and Marcusiu have time, he will spread wildflower seed on the island.

With most of the work done on Monday, Marcusiu, a sophomore, can focus on school, the golf team and marching band. He also runs track in the spring.

In preparation for the project, Marcusiu had to gather scout volunteers, gloves, supplies from the preserve and get approval from the advancement chair and Eagle Scout coordinator. He also had to work with Head of Maintenance Dave Torrens.

Marcusiu learned it is important to delegate specific jobs to his crew while they cleared the island. At first, boys brought brush to Marcusiu to carry across the lake. He realized only one person needed to bring brush while the others worked on cutting through the weeds.

The forest preserve lent the group a row boat, which was pulled by a string between the island and the golf course. He had to make sure his crew knew the safety procedures for the boat so no one fell into the pond, and so they didn’t damage the wildlife or plants in the pond.

The brush went to a burn pile after it was removed from the island.

Marcusiu plans to join a local Venture Crew which gives older Scouts a chance to hike, camp and serve the community on a more independent level.

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